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Kyohei Sorita & Japan National Orchestra Concert Tour 2024

18:15 OPEN 19:00 START  

Conductor/Piano: Kyohei Sorita

Orchestra: Japan National Orchestra


Ravel: Le tombeau de Couperin (orchestra version)
Poulenc: Choreographic Concerto for Piano & 18 Instruments “Aubade”




Mozart: “Don Giovanni” Overture
Mozart: Piano Concerto No.20 in D minor  (Piano: Kyohei Sorita)


*The program order has changed from the original announcement.


S: ¥7,000 A: ¥5,000 U30: ¥3,000 (All seats reserved.)

Tomono-kai members S: ¥6,000 Tomono-kai members A: ¥4,000


*U30 ticket users will show their ID at the Box office on the day of the concert. Please note that if the age (under 30 years old) is not confirmed, it is required to pay the difference.


Buy tickets:

■SaCLa Information Center  048-866-4600

■Saitama City Culture Center  048-866-3171 *on sale from Nov. 5

■Omiya Civic Hall  048-641-6131  *on sale from Nov. 5

■Iwatsuki Civic Hall  048-756-5151  *on sale from Nov. 5

■Plaza East  048-875-9933  *on sale from Nov. 5

■Plaza West  048-858-9080  *on sale from Nov. 5

■Miyahara Community Center  048-653-8558  *on sale from Nov. 5

■Katayanagi Community Center  048-686-8666  *on sale from Nov. 5

■Seibu Culture Center 048-625-3851  *on sale from Nov. 5

■Misono Community Center  048-764-8810  *on sale from Nov. 5

Higashi-Omiya Community Center  048-667-5604  *on sale from Nov. 5


*Due to illness or other circumstances, performers, pieces and their order may change.
*Please refrain from entering preschool children.


■Tour 2024 official website https://www.sorita jno (Japanese only)


■Official X (Twitter) @sorita_jnotour #反田恭平 #JapanNationalOrchestra


Saitama City Culture Center TEL:048-866-3171


Saitama City Cultural Promotion Foundation


Official Sponsor for JNO: DMG MORI